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Why choose LSC to pressure wash your business?

        • Enhance the look of the business
        • Draw your customers in instead of pushing them away
        • Longevity of materials and building structure
Manufacture and Distribution Facility

Manufacture and Distribution Facility

LSC was hired to pressure wash all of the raised curb and building siding of this large distribution facility, as well as revitalizing the fire lane to ensure fire code compliance. The job was completed in 2 days outside of business hours to ensure no disruption to...

Commercial Dental Facility

Commercial Dental Facility

LSC was hired to complete this commercial dental facility in NW Houston.  The owners wanted all of the raised curb pressure washed and faded out 1 ft. into the parking lot.

Westgate Home

Westgate Home

LSC was hired to do a quick simple driveway during our New year promotion!

Cypress Residence

Cypress Residence

Cypress residence requested driveway and curb pressure washing services. With complimentary pine needle clean up and bag!

Cypress Residence

Cypress Residence

This was a residential property that requested the driveway, sidewalks, back patio pressure washed and house number painted on the curb.

Wetmore Business Park

Wetmore Business Park

Wetmore Business Park requested their front sign to be cleaned for the new year 2022. 

Commercial Pressure Washing

When a customer pulls up to your business to shop or is looking for a place to potentially rent for their own business… what is the first thing people notice?  Is it the product? Is it the logo? NO, it is the CURB APPEAL! Similar to the first impression with someone you just met. It only takes 15 seconds to make a good or bad impression. This is the same with business fronts. You want to draw customers in and you want them to be impressed from the moment they pull up. Don’t judge a book by its cover, but people do! Your business front sets the standard for the experience someone is about to have when they enter. Commercial pressure washing makes your business front shine!


What does LSC pressure wash do at a commercial company?

  • Any surface building material
  • Walkways / Curbs
  • Parking Lots / Drive throughs
  • Awnings / Breezeways
  • Much More!!

Line Striping

LSC provides more than just pressure washing. We also specialize in parking lot line striping! Does nobody know where to park? Are the lines faded and unvisible? Has the fire marshal reached out and told you your lines need to be clear and visible to be up to code?

What we can do for you

  • Parking lot lines / Bollard painting
  • Fire lane painting / Curb painting
  • Walkway and crosswalk painting
  • Handy cap compliant lines and squares


Why this is important?

Having your parking lot, handy cap, and fire lines painted is vital to staying up to fire code and the safety of everyone who parks and shops at your business. LSC uses the best equipment to have your lines looking sharp, straight, and professional.


Commercial Sign Cleaning

LSC also provides Large commercial sign cleaning. We use a highly skilled team to reach areas that competitors cannot. With the utilization of book lifts, we can reach those tall areas that are caked up with mildew and mold. Signs are what people look for to reach your business and you do not want them to be saying “ wow look at that disgusting sign… I wonder what the business looks like too.”


What we Can Offer

  • Tall business fronts
  • Tall hard to reach windows
  • Archways
  • Much More!!

Gum Removal

Gum is that one thing you will never be able to prevent from being spat on the ground right at the front of your business. No need to fear though, LSC has all of the equipment necessary to remove those 10 year sun dried gum pieces from your entrance.

We encourage this service to be performed once a year for the best results. We offer great discounts for annual service contracts on all services, especially Gum Removal!


Fleet Washing

LSC can provide fleet washing services for you trucking, bus, or van fleet. Do you have several vehicles that travel far and wide that always come back with road grime and dirt? Do they just need a quick week or bi-weekly spray? We can do that! LSC offers competitive contract pricing for fleet washing that will not break the bank. Keep your mobile marketing transportation vehicles shiny!


What we Can Offer

  • Buses
  • Trucking
  • Van Fleet

Home Cleaning

LSC can also service your home and other residential matters. We have experience in HOA contracts/ servicing as well as individual homeowners driveways, sidewalks, curbs, mailboxes and fences. We like to think there is not a place we cannot provide pressure washing services for


What we Can Offer

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Curbs, mailboxes and fences

How it Works

  • We send a detailed 3 option quote
  • We arrive at the agreed upon date of service
  • Any equipment, vehicles, or large items must be moved prior to date of service or paint.

What's to Expect

  • Professional service and top notch quality
  • Honest hardworking technicians
  • Efficient and timely service

What's Included

  • Turn key service
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Flexible hours of operation

Why You Can Count On LSC

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our professional team focuses on every tiny detail for you. The LSC team takes before, during, and after photos for every customer and our own management review prior to finishing the job

Reliable & Fully Insured

At LSC we make sure you feel secure in using our services. You should only trust a fully insured company when deciding who to hire. All our customers can feel confident with LSC and our $1 million in liability coverage to protect your commercial property